Self-Defence Skills: Training Session

  • Learn bodygaurd techniques
  • Valuable self-defence tips
  • Combat training course
  • Weapon free class
  • Includes pistol draw techniques


Learn valuable self-defence skills with a unique combat training programme. Improvise weapon strategy, memory and scenario training and situational awareness.  While this is a serious subject, this class is a learning experience in a fun environment.

In this unarmed experience, you will learn what you can use as self-defence aids in every day scenarios, how to safeguard a VIP in a protection scenario, acquire vital sniper and pistol-draw techniques, and how you can use these techniques to effectively protect yourself or a VIP.

The focus is on extreme close quarter confrontations, and addresses the conversion of the startle/flinch moment. The  most dangerous and critical moment in a violent attack is the surprise attack, the ambush, the sucker punch. Understanding the science of what happens to us in that moment…the startle/flinch response and then what we can do to get back on track with our tactical directive is the core essence of the drills and skills learnt in this course.

What will you learn:

* How to detect, diffuse and defend against violent aggressors
* Identify pre-contact cues that signal an oncoming attack
* Pre-emptive strikes
* Prepare and acclimatise to real life scenarios
* How to use your body in the most efficient way
* How to ‘Be Your Own Bodyguard’
* Learn about the 3 Fights – You vs You, You vs Opponent, You vs Legal system
* Learn the main close quarter combat weapons that you will be able to call upon during that ‘Jack in the Box’ moment
* Control and overcome the numbing, freezing feeling of fear.

*Everything learned in this class is to be used at the users risk, and Above & Beyond and partners take no responsibility in resulting actions.

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