Learn How To Milk A Cow: Cheese & Wine Aperitif

  • Learn to milk a cow by hand
  • See how an alpage works
  • Taste the cheese and dried meats produced by the alpage
  • Drink local Swiss wine


Have you ever wondered how to milk a cow by hand? This experience will show you how to milk the cow by hand, you will learn milking techniques, you will see how much each cow can produce, at what speed, and also learn what helps cows to produce more.  While many of the alpages around Verbier these days have mechanical milking systems, it’s fascinating to learn how milk was traditionally produced.

Have you got the skills to master the technique?

What to expect?

Once you will arrive at the alpage you will get to meet the people who tend to the cows, and have a brief explanation of how the alpage works.

They will then take you to see the cows and talk to you about how they keep the cows, what they eat, and show you the electronic milking system, before showing you how to wear a proper milking chair and how to milk the cow with your hands.

You will then get to taste the milk you have just extracted from the cow.

Following this, is time to relax over a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese and dried meats produced in the alpage from the cows you have just milked.

It’s a fantastic day out, great for corporate groups, really fun for birthdays, and provides a lot of entertainment for hen dos in the mountains.

Did you know that?
Cows need to be milked at the same time every day, twice a day and they need to be milked correctly for them to be happy and generous with their milk.

Boring but important:

  • Hygiene is important and you don’t want to transfer infection to the cows udders, so please make sure you have clean hands
  • Please be mindful of the cows, big movements and loud noises can frighten them

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