Learn The Basics Of How To Fly A Robinson R22 Helicopter

  • Learn the basics of how to fly a Robinson R22 Helicopter
  • Choose a starter 30 minute flight, or upgrade to formal lessons
  • Fly in the same helicopter the badies use in Goldeneye
  • Fly from Sion
  • Pay an upgrade to be picked up in Le Chable or Verbier’s Croix de Coeur


Experience what it is like to fly the same helicopter the villains in Goldeneye used to escape from James Bond.

Under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor, you will learn how a helicopter works, feel how to control the engine, and learn some basic flying techniques.

If you would like to couple this with a panoramic tour over the mountains away from Verbier, we will equip you with a bigger, more powerful helicopter.

The lesson will take place at Sion, however clients wishing to have the lesson over Verbier can pay an upgrade and be picked up in Le Chable or up the mountain at Croix de Coeur.

*Price shown is for the basic 30 minute starter lesson flight from Sion.

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