Healthy (er) Cocktail Making

  • How to make classic cocktails healthier
  • Create new healthy cocktails
  • Learn which ingredients enhance health benefits
  • A fun evening for groups
  • Guaranteed to finish tipsy…


In this healthy cocktail making masterclass you will learn how to create delicious cocktails that are also packed with healthy and nutritious ingredients.

You will learn nutritional twists for classic drinks such as Bloody Mary’s, negronis and mojitos to completely new creations such as the matcha martini or coconut colada. You will get to make and taste a whole range of cocktails using all sorts of interesting healthy ingredients. The workshop will be fun, interactive and hands on…and may finish with participants just a little bit tipsy, perfect for hitting Verbier’s nightlife.

There will also be a general discussion on how you can make your cocktails healthier and you will experiment with little tips and tricks to adapt your favourite cocktails so that they are more nutritious.

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