Damage limitation: immune boosting session

  • Limit the damage from alcohol
  • Avoid hangovers
  • More energy
  • Better mood
  • Improved sex drive


Learn how to minimise the damage your work hard/ play hard lifestyle has on your body with a immune boosting session. Partying vs. recovery.  How to practice super immunity and party at the same time…

This half-day retreat will provide you with a cheat sheet to a healthier and more energised body.  When you go out and drink, be it entertaining clients, or in Verbier on holiday with your friends, how do you make the right choices and select a drink or cocktail that will do as little damage to your body as possible, but still have fun?  Is there something you can add to your cocktail to counter balance the damage done by the alcohol?

When it comes to the next morning, how do you avoid a hangover and boost your immune system to ensure you can get up for the first lift, or make that morning meeting, full of energy and with a fully functioning brain?

This session will give you the answers, it’s all about upgrading your lifestyle by using health as a platform and developing a deeper understanding of how the food and drink you consume affects your brain and body.  For example, drinks with added spice or cucumber help to reduce the sugar you absorb into your body, but when you mix alcohol with fruit, however fresh, your drink can become even more toxic.

You will get some personal guidance to make simple small changes for:

  • Toxin elimination
  • Advice to suit your body type
  • How to help your body heal inflammation and irritation
  • Which foods bring you energy
  • How to benefit joints, ligaments, skin and hair
  • Weight loss

This damage limitation immune boosting session will give you the power to reach your full potential – improving your energy, brain speed, sex drive and mood. Practice super immunity and reap the rewards!

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