The Swiss Experience: Hike & Cheese Making Demonstration


A hike and cheese making demonstration for a true Swiss Experience. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and the Swiss take their cheese making very seriously, especially in Verbier, so this experience is a day to learn about the art of making raclette, tasting the other flavours that make up the Swiss cuisine and a breathtaking hike in the mountains.

In the morning you hike up to a high mountain dairy, where you will learn how Raclette is made, see how the cows live, and meet the farmers that tend to them. You will then have raclette for lunch made from the very cows you have just seen.

After lunch you will hike down the mountain, learning how to spot which mountain is which, looking out for marmottes and learning about the local flowers and animals.

That night you will eat a selection of local delicacies, from cheese fondue with truffle and champagne to cooking your own meat on a pierrade (hot stone), with a selection of different meat sourced from local farms, and wine from local vinyards.

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