Heliskiing Around Verbier

  • Heliskiing in Verbier
  • Ski untracked backcountry slopes
  • Panoramic ride in a helicopter
  • Breathtaking views
  • Fresh tracks


We are incredibly lucky that heliskiing around Verbier is so accessible.  With high peaks, stunning views and numerous freeride routes, and access to the entire massif of Trient, the Petit Combin, Rosablanche and Pigne d’Arolla, Verbier is known as being one of the top places to heliski in Europe.

Accompanied by a high-mountain guide, you will be taken through breathtaking scenery down untracked mountain slopes, past granite cliffs, through untouched backcountry bowls, and past waterfalls frozen to the rock face.

Heli-skiing gets you up that untracked mountain to where no one else has skied.

You can even couple your heliski with ski touring up additional peaks, enabling you to have even more descent from your heli drop.
Prices range from about 400-1600 CHFs per person depending on how many people there are in the group and where you want to go.
Contact us for more information, this experience is snow and weather dependent.

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