Swiss Caviar & Vodka Tasting

  • Price is per person
  • The ultimate après ski aperitif
  • 10 gms of premium Siberian Oscietra caviar with life
  • 1 shot of Swiss Xellent Vodka
  • In the gastronomic wine caves of Vinabagnes


This is the ultimate gourmet aperitif after a hard days skiing and includes 10 grams of Swiss alpine caviar, and a shot of carefully selected Swiss vodka to taste alongside your caviar in the gastronomic wine cave Vinabagnes, in the heart of Verbier.

We have selected a very special caviar for this tasting, in that our caviar has a very specialised sustainable and ethical production technique since the eggs are extracted without killing the sturgeon, by massage, and this is all done in the heart of Valais, a few miles away from Verbier.

The vodka you will sample is also Swiss, XELLENT and is distilled in copper alembics using traditional craftsmanship with fresh glacier water from Titlis.

The experience includes 20 gms of premium Siberian Oscietra caviar with life and two shots of Swiss Xellent Vodka.  If you would like to order more during the experience, you can either do so via our website, or if you prefer to go direct to Vinabagnes, don’t forget to book with our special client code, which will give you 5% discount on anything you spend in store.


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