Language Aperitif: 1 Hr Private Lesson

  • 1 hour private language tuition with aperitif
  • Complimentary glass of wine
  • Available throughout the year
  • Classes take place at a local wine bar


This experience is a great opportunity to practise speaking outside the classroom in Verbier and taste some local wine, a conversation class with a twist, a language aperitif.

You will meet your language teacher at a local wine bar and spend the next hour discussing whichever topic you’d like to practice over a delicious glass of wine.

This is a really lighthearted way to learn a language, offering practical experience at the same time as learning.  You can cover any topic you wish to cover, clearly ordering food and drink is a key topic here.  They do say that alcohol makes you better at speaking a foreign language.  One glass is included in the price for the hour, however we’re sure that if you desire more, your teacher will happily accept.

This experience is open to all language levels, and those over the age of 18.  You can choose from a range of languages, or could even do a different language each hour.


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