Cravings, where do they come from?

  • Understand cravings
  • Private consultation or group session
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Cravings are hard to understand, but once you have mastered them, you stop fighting them and become in tune with your body, you then stop beating yourself up for bad decisions and then they disappear.

Verbier is a difficult place to live if you suffer, as everywhere you look there are opportunities to snack on gourmet treats.

The issue can come from food intolerances, gut bacteria, and being tired and dehydrated, among other factors.

What to expect?

In this session your consultant will clarify key factors and tell tale signs that will help you understand your body better and bring the ‘body mind connection’ in to the picture as well.

This is a hot topic that nearly everybody struggles with. Understanding your cravings will enable you to take control of your diet and will put you at ease.

Contact our personal services team if you’re interested in a consultation about cravings.

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