A long weekend in Portofino

  • A long weekend break
  • Only 4 hours from Verbier
  • Hire a private boat
  • Romantic dinner on the sea f


Portofino is one of the most idyllic and enticing destinations on the Italian Riviera, and it’s only a mere four hour drive from Verbier. The perfect distance to feel you are on holiday, but also so close you don’t waste a day nor have to trek through the airport to get there. The weather is fantastic down there too and usually stays warm until the end of October.

Portofino is the perfect place to escape from the mountains, get some fresh sea air, peruse the stylish Italian shops, dine on spaghetti ai frutti di mare and drink negronis till the early hours of the morning.

There are several luxury hotels, and some more down to earth B&Bs, but we particularly love and have a special relationship with the Eight Hotel group, which has two luxurious boutique hotels there, one right in the centre of Portofino, and another two kilometers away in Parragi, situated on the beach front.

Our bespoke travel team can arrange your entire stay, book your restaurants and your experiences around Portofino, as well as travel arrangements to and from Verbier, if you don’t fancy taking your own car down there.

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