Longer request bookings: 25 CHFs for 15 mins of our time


First time with us

we charge a 25 CHFs sign-up fee – which will also include your first booking request or 25 minutes of organisation time.
***PLEASE do not call us unless you have already paid this initial fee online

Longer Bookings

– 25 CHFs minimum charge
– 25 CHFs/15 minutes of our time used
– Our fee plus activity fee is booked as one – have details ready.


Quality Over Quantity

Longer request bookings

Bookings are charged at 25 CHFs for 15 minutes of organisation time, plus the cost of the experience or request. Most of the Verbier experiences will be charged full price in advance, upon confirmation of the booking.  In some cases, the booking cost will be partially reimbursed upon full payment confirmation, ask us to confirm at the start of the call or email as to whether this applies to your request.

Here is a list that includes some but not all of the long request bookings that we can help you with.  Essentially we can help you with everything, but here is a list of the most popular requests we are asked for.

1 Chalet rental and hotel booking
2 Private handyman services, inc. snow clearing, DIY around the house
3 Christmas decorations
4 Interior design projects
5 Spa days or in-chalet beauty treatments
6 Photo and video shoots
7 Learn something new
  • Learn a new language
    Take Pilates lessons
    Learn how to get into crypto
    Learn how to photograph in the mountains
    Understanding wine and food pairings
8 Wine buying
9 In chalet private chef dinners
  • Dinner party chef
    Kitchen supper chef
    Raclette, fondue or/and pierrade evening
    Easy pre-made dinners
10 Chalet supermarket shops
  • A detailed shopping list and credit card details are required in advance – shops usually take around an hour of time as an estimate


For our Above & Beyond VIP experiences like marriage proposals, weddings, corporate events, glacier heli lunches, heli skiing trips please visit the A&B VIP website.

*Please visit Above & Beyond Taste for more foodie experiences, and to access our new online food & drink and table design accessories shop

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