The Verbier Escape Room

  • Min of 2 & max of 8 per group
  • Go with friends, family or colleagues
  • Unlock clues & decifer puzzles
  • Can you escape in under 60 minutes?
  • Great for team building



The Verbier Escape Room is physical adventure game where you are locked in a room and need to use elements within the room to solve a series of puzzles to escape in a set time limit.

It takes all kinds of clever to crack the escape rooms, and you’ll discover plenty of hidden talents amongst your friends, family and colleagues.

It’s a great way to have fun, test yourself and build relationships with those you are with.

There are currently three rooms, the Murder mystery, the Virus and Apocalypse.  Call us to book in your group to The Verbier Escape Room, prices range from 27 CHFs per person to 45 CHFs depending on the size of your group.




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