Be Young: Weekend Retreat

  • A fitness retreat to help encourage regular movement
  • Learn Pilates techniques
  • Feel as bouncy and free as a child playing
  • A fun-filled weekend
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Improved core stability


It is highly likely that you are reading this sitting down, if so then maybe it’s time to ‘get off your seat and jump around’ and join our Be Young Weekend retreat. We now live such sedentary lifestyles, with most people spending three quarters of their time sitting – sitting in cars while commuting to an eight-hour-a-day desk job, and then unwinding by sitting in front of the TV all evening, relying on email, online banking and online shopping to accomplish tasks that would have required us to get off our seats and get outside a few years ago.  It’s no wonder our bodies decline earlier than they used to be.

What to expect:

Animals and children move around instinctively, stretching their muscles regularly rather than sitting in an unnatural position, and this retrreat weekend in Verbier will encourage you to move around more frequently, just like you used to as a child.  The weekend will be spent exercising in a fun way, like children playing outside.

We will be using many techniques from Pilates, combined with playing exercises, like splashing in puddles, bouncing on trampolines, running around, balancing on logs, throwing rocks, punching bags, three-legged races, egg and spoon, you name it, anything we can think of to remind your bodies what it’s like to have oxygen coursing through your veins.

This is also chance to consider your work and recreation habits. Getting up for a short stretch or a drink of water can really help because we are satisfying our bodies’ natural instinct to move – and moving around works the muscles and pumps more oxygen into both the brain and the body.

By giving you Pilates techniques to take away, we can help you to put movement back into your every day lives – strengthening and lengthening muscles which will in turn lead to better posture, more energy levels, increased balance, and flexibility.

We are offering these sessions as a full weekend retreat, but this can be provided in bite size hour long regular classes too.  Let us know your preference and we can find the perfect solution for you.

Boring but important:

  • Available for all levels of fitness, but please specify your level on booking
  • Age limit – none
  • What could be subject to change on the day, and why? Timings and venue could change due to weather. Classes would occur inside if the weather is too bad for outside.
  • Additional information – limited to 10 students
  • Insurance –Please insure you have insurance to cover sports at altitude
  • Payment required upon confirmation of the booking

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