Plein Air’ Landscape painting and sculpture in the Alps

  • Learn how to paint a landscape
  • Learn the old masters sight size method
  • 3 or 5 day workshop
  • Using traditional oil paints
  • Working ‘en plein air’ (in the open air).


This unique ‘landscape painting & sculpture in the Alps’ workshop is in collaboration with Kiki Thompson, Co-founder of the Verbier 3-D Foundation, who will be providing students with expert guidance on composition and application while using traditional methods and materials.  Art vacations make for the perfect mix between learning a new skill, and feeling that you are relaxing on holiday, and what better place to do that than Verbier, with its spectacular breathtaking views across the mountains.

What’s included:

  • Provided with artist materials to see you through the course
  • Given a comprehensive introduction to the sight-size method
  • Work on several landscapes at two different locations
  • Initial demonstration to the group to explain the process and application
  • One to one tuition to critique work and give guidance where necessary

What to expect:

  • The days will begin at 9.30am at a pre-selected meeting point. On the first day you will be equipped with a backpack (easel attached) containing your painting materials. From here we shall ski, walk or drive (depending on the time of year!) to the landscape painting location. We will spend about three hours painting on location in the morning, break for lunch and then paint at a different location from about 2pm – 5pm (this is very approximate as time of year and temperature will have an affect on this).
  • Lunch is not included. Each day of the course we will return to the same locations to work on the paintings.

Skills learnt:

Looking at nature and translating onto canvas is meditative in its method. “Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together.” (John Ruskin)

* We have no specific date for this yet, so if you are interested, please let us know and we will organise a date that suits you.

Boring but important:

  • Age limit – none
  • Availability – Early Spring/ late Summer is usually the best time of year
  • Skill level – Beginners to experienced
  • What could be subject to change on the day, and why? – Timings could change due to weather. Cancellation would occur if the weather is too bad.
  • Additional information – limited to 10 students
  • Insurance – please ensure you have the necessary insurance to cover this experience, including winter sports where necessary.
  • Payment – require upfront to guarantee booking

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