Deep Tissue Massage 1.5 Hours

  • 1.5 hours of deep tissue massage
  • In the comfort of your chalet, apartment or hotel
  • Your therapist will arrive 10 minutes before your desired start time to set up
  • All equipment is provided with the massage


A deep tissue massage is ideal for anyone feeling the after effects of a tiring day skiing down the slopes of Verbier.

Your therapist will work right into your muscle tissue, connective tissue and fascia.  Deep tissue massage can stimulate muscle recovery above that of any other therapy. It is an essential end to any day on the slopes.

A fully trained therapist from Massage 1936 will come to massage you in the comfort of your chalet, apartment or hotel room.  If you would prefer your treatment can be arranged at the Central Hotel Verbier, where Massage 1936 has a dedicated massage therapy room.  Please advise upon booking.

Please do also let your therapist know about any injuries you might have, whether from your day skiing or any previous historical injuries.

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